Argy Bargy Legends is a collectible card strategy game

 about a confrontation between three factions: acorns, floats and candles. 

Argy Bargy Legends is a collectible card strategy game in which you lead funny creatures to battle. At the beginning of the game, in the current version, you command a small squad of comical, but very brave acorns, who decided to take revenge on those who tried to destroy them. In the future, after the release of the game, we plan to introduce updates in which two other factions, floats and candles, will be available.

The game is presented in two languages ​​- English and Russian.

Can you imagine what happens if you collect acorns, floats and candles in one place? Do you think this is absurd? Nonsense? Not in Argy Bargy Legends.

Acorns are energetic and courageous; they are ready to fight with anyone who gets in their way. Each has their own special equipment, maces, swords and arrows. They have a serious battle ahead of them in which they will emerge victorious.

Floats are no less daring, like pirates. They put on a variety of costumes. Some use scuba gear as protection, others enlisted the support of sea predators.

Candles are ready to incinerate the enemy with fire or blow them up with firecrackers, and some of them have an arsenal of real weapons for battle.

You have to train your funny fighters and develop their skills. Over time, your squad will become a serious threat to the enemy.

Create a unique, powerful deck and write yourself in the history of Argy Bargy Legends crushing everyone and everything in your path.

Take part in rating battles for the title of the best of the best!

In addition to rating battles against real players, the game offers exciting and epic episodes of the single player company. Increase your rating by gradually progressing to the decisive bosses and collecting new cards along the way for a collection of new comical and diverse decks.

Complete daily individual tasks and get additional rewards and bonuses for completing them.

Enjoy the drive, dynamics, and sparkling humor. The card strategy game Argy Bargy Legends is made in a humorous, cartoonish style. You will not be bored!